What is storePlay Connect

A shopping companion that allows retailers using the storePlay in-store music platform to directly connect with their customers.

storePlay Connect offers shoppers the ability to,
• Select songs from the retailers in-store playlist
• Receive Offers
• Experience Augmented Reality


60% of global consumers cite that “discount and promotions” most influence their impulse purchases. **

Everyone loves to be in the know

Engage with any shopper who has downloaded the storePlay Connect app.

• Shoppers can discover offers before they shop
• Shoppers are sent offers when they are in a shopping environment
• Drive foot traffic to your store and promote sales
• Shoppers can curate their Offer feed according to the brands they like
• Contactless payments via OpenPay, AfterPay & ZipMoney


Over 75% of Generation Z (18-24 years old) shoppers would
like the opportunity to influence music played in store. *

Become the DJ

Let your customers control the music via the Connect App in store.

• Shoppers vote for their favourite song from the retailers playlist
• Gamifies the in-store experience
• Increased dwell time
• Builds brand equity
• Gain customer insights


Users can connect to services like Spotify & Facebook to bring your brand to life across other digital platforms.

Connect to Shopify

• Shoppers can connect to playlists in their Spotify accounts
• Retailers benefit from brand exposure beyond their bricks and mortar environment
• Enhance brand alignment with customers

Share songs on Facebook

• Shoppers can connect to Facebook and share their requests on social media
• Retailers benefit from online exposure and leverage from alignment with aspirational artists

Augmented Reality

62% of shoppers believe Augmented Reality will enhance their shopping experiences. ***

Bring your store to life

Turn any 2D image into an engaging interactive display.

• Allows customers to research products when staff are not available
• Brings your window displays to life when your stores are closed
• Utilise existing on-line content in your bricks & mortar environment, eg instructional & behind the scene videos


Every business can benefit from becoming more analytical across the board – understanding its customers, performing its operations, and making its decisions. ***

Make Better Decisions

Truly understand your customers: where/when they shop and what their buying habits are.

• Offers shoppers have viewed
• Redeem buttons pressed
• AR experiences initiated
• AR images recognised
• Region notifications sent

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